Tehnični podatki:

Razpon ca.: 1170mm
Dolžina ca.: 1200m
Teža ca.: ca. 2300 g 

Power System  3658-1820kV Brushless Inrunner Motor 
Electronic Speed Control  100A ESC, 5A BEC, EC5 Connector
Propeller/EDF  80mm Metal EDF with 12 Blade Fan (Inrunner Motor version)
Servos  9g MG Servos (8pcs)
Landing Gear  Electronic retractable main gear and steerable nose gear with all metal shock absorbing struts
Wheels  EVA (35/10mm) F3.2mm(2pcs),60/16mm F3.2mm(2pcs)
Required Battery  =6S 4000mAh 35C with EC5 connector
Required Radio  Minimum 6 Channel (required)

Tehnični podatki
Razpon 1450 mm
Dolžina 1274 mm
Teža 3050 g
Površina kril 32 dm2

Freewing A-6E Intruder 1170mm Deluxe Edition PNP

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